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Bronte Is a Puppy Who Wants “Moor”

Although only 18 weeks old, Bronte is already a star agility athlete.  Bronte has been a regular at the Zoom Room Culver City since she was REALLY young… she started Puppy Agility at the tender age of 12 weeks old.

Bronte is a pure English Golden Retriever who was born in Grand Junction, Colorado.  Her mom, Kelly, says that Bronte is true to her retriever heritage — she LOVES water.  In fact, the first time Bronte saw rain she darted outside and tried to bite the raindrops.  It was so adorable that Kelly had a hard time being upset when the mud-soaked puppy ran back in the house.

Kelly says that Bronte is fond of all treats and even some items that most wouldn’t consider edible, such as sticks, bottle caps, and dirt.  It is a full time job monitoring what goes into Bronte’s mouth.

Bronte’s favorite thing to do at the Zoom Room is play with trainer Dave.   According to Kelly, Bronte has a “terrible crush on him.”  When she’s at the Zoom Room, she impresses her trainer by mastering the A-frame and perfecting the “table” command.  Congratulations, Bronte!  Keep up the great work!

Do you have a puppy at home who’s itching to be an agility star like Bronte?  Puppy Agility classes are every Sunday morning at 9 am.  Classes are only $25/session, so come check it out!

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