Life is Better With A Little Dog Hair

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Your Dog Can Keep You Warm All Day

The seasons are changing.  We are leaving autumn and looking into the face of winter.  When it’s cold, we love snuggling with our best four-legged friend.  We don’t want to get up and go to work.  It’s cold outside.  You wish you could keep that warm, snuggly feeling all day.  Well, you can.

Did you know you can create clothing made from your dog’s fur?  That way, when you have to get up and brave the cold, you can do so while still keeping the feeling of snuggling with your pup.

Warm Poodle sweater... mmmm

How?  Chiengora.  Pronounced she-an-gora, it is the compound word for yarn created from your dog’s hair.  The word comes from “chien,” which is French for “dog,” and “angora,” which is the fiber that most closely resembles woven dog hair.

People all over the country are making use of all that hair coming off their pups.  Breeds like Great Pyrenees, Poodles, Maltese, and Collies, to name a few, have the best coats for spinning into clothes.  Although most people say that you should only use the undercoat, it is quite easy to use the outer coat as well, as long as your dog doesn’t have short, course hair.

Dog hair is 80% warmer than wool.  And no, you won’t smell like a wet dog if you get caught out in the rain. Once you are wearing clothes made of your dog’s hair, you won’t need to use that lint roller ever again!  And the hair all over your couch… gone because you will have turned it into a pair of mittens.

Looking for a new hobby?  Take up frequent grooming and spinning.   There are a variety of books available to teach you how to spin the hair into a blanket.  Even has a variety of links to walk you through the process.  Or, if you don’t have the time, you can send the hair to a professional and they will return it to you in the shape of a scarf, a hat, or a sweater.

It takes a long time to brush enough off your dog to make even the smalles article of clothing.  So, what are you waiting for?  Start brushing today!

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