I Knew I Could!

Culver City

Meet Finley

This submission is by Elaine Hopkins, whose everyday Hero Dog is Finley, a Cockapoo.

My Dog is My Hero Because…

I Knew I Could!!!

My Mom thought I might be too old.  After all I was 8 years old.

 I knew I could!

She was worried that I would get too tired and out of breath.  But she pooped out before I did.

I knew I could!

I have been dreaming of the day when I could show everyone the tricks I could do.

I knew I could!

I am Finley, the Fierce Warrior, small but mighty.  Nothing scares me like my little brother who is afraid of everything.

In my dreams I am jumping over hurdles and balancing on a teeter totter. I can fly through the air, light as a feather.   If you see me sleeping and my legs are twitching, that is what I am doing in my dreams.

I knew I could!

When the day finally came for my first Agility 1 class, I marched into the room with my head held high and my tail wagging with
anticipation.  Ah, so many treats and so many tricks to do.  I am in heaven.

Then my turn came and I nailed it!  Every time I do a trick, my Mom gives me a treat – the good kind that is soft and smelly.  Bring ’em on.

I knew I could!

After 30 minutes all of the teachers knew what I always knew.  I was born and bred for  this.

They promoted me and my little (big) sister Sunshine to Agility 2 because “we rock”!  In fact she calls me her little Rock Star.

I knew I could!

When we got home I drank a whole bowl of water and then crashed on the nice cool wood floor.  I dreamt of strutting my stuff and leaping with joy.

 I heard my Mom say….

“I am so proud of Finley.
I knew he could!”

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