First Member of The Month Named

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Chopper is Named Member of the Month

I won! Yay! Are there treats?

We at the Zoom Room are pleased to announce that Chopper has been named as first Member of the Month.

Chopper’s mom, Mandy, found Chopper at a Best Friends Adoption event in March 2007.  After looking around, Mandy was on her way out when she was stopped by two handlers from the West Valley Shelter. 

The handlers asked her if she wanted to look at a black and tan coonhound who had been surrendered by his owner the previous day.  Thinking to herself, “Coon-what?” she agreed and followed them to the dog.

The handlers told her that he was only nine months old but was fully grown.  She looked at the 32 pound pound puppy and it was love at first sight.  Now, three years later, Chopper is a healthy 70 pounds or so, much bigger than the 32 pound pup she thought she was getting.  There’s a lot more of him to love, eh Mandy?

Chopper loves long walks, as long as it’s not too hot.  He also enjoys playing with his best friend, Mumble (although word has it that Mumble sometimes steals Chopper’s bones).  Chopper has a special talent.  Mandy says that he is able to scoop tomatoes out of bowls on the kitchen counter!  

Chopper loves showing off his skills around the agility course at the Zoom Room and LOVES taking naps in any one of the four beds scattered around his house.  He was thrilled to receive this honor, especially if there are treats in his future.

Congratulations, Chopper!

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