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Culver City

Calm Down! Class Starts Next Week

A new year is just around the corner.  Start it off right with some extra training for your favorite hyper friend.  If you have a rambunctious dog who gets over-excited it’s time to enroll in Calm Down! class. Starting on Thursday, January 5, Calm Down! class is designed with the excitable dog in mind. This class, which runs from 8-9pm, teaches your dog self-control techniques around distractions. It’s perfect for dogs one year old or older.  Your dog and all your friends will thank you.

If you want your best friend to help people and give back to the community, Therapy Dog is the class for you.  After your dog has his basic obedience under his belt, he is ready to take on being a Therapy Dog.  All your dog needs is his Canine Good Citizenship and a desire to make people happy.  Therapy Dog class fine-tunes basic obedience skills by focusing special attention on good manners, control around distractions, introduction to hospital equipment, and therapy dog tricks.  This class starts on Saturday, January 7, at 4pm.

Want help finding your keys or the remote control? Scent Discrimination is the class for you!   You and your dog will learn fun scent games that you can play to engage your dog AND burn off some energy!  We’ll teach your dog how to sniff out objects hidden around the house, like your cell phone.  Perfect for dogs that are high-energy or home alone all day. We’ll get your dog thinking and using his sniffer.  Scent Discrimination starts on Sunday, January 8, at 4pm.

Our full schedule of Obedience and Agility, and puppy classes begin the week of January 2.  Check out all of our classes and pick the one that’s right for you!

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