Happy Birthday Ben & Eilat!

Culver City

Dog Birthday Party

On Friday, May 22nd, the Zoom Room hosted another unforgettable dog birthday party. Ben, a Cocker Spaniel, and Eilat, a Shih Tzu, invited all their closest canine and human friends (including their “grandparents”) to their one year celeberation. Other dog party guests included two Pugs, Georgie and Satchi, Pipier, a Labradoodle, Titus, a Boston Terrier, Pex, a Min Pin, and Ruby and Rex, Cavaliers.

Dog Birthday Party

The humans enjoyed a catered spread of coconut shrimp, delicious cheeses, wine, and sandwiches, while the dogs dined on hot dogs, soft serve ice cream, and an edible waffle bowl of peanut butter cake. There was this one wonderful moment when it seemed that all the four-legged dog birthday guests simultaneously enjoyed the realization that the bowl itself was edible. There was a delicious pause… and then a flurry of devouring as the bowls quickly vanished.

If you’d like to throw your own dog birthday party, let us help! The Zoom Room is ideal for your next dog birthday or any other special canine event. We pride ourselves on being the Dog Party Specialists!

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