Beautiful Bella Becomes January's Dog of the Month

Culver City

Great Dane Takes Top Honors

Bella’s story began about one year ago, when Bella was about three years old.  Bella was turned into the Riverside shelter.  She was quickly adopted, but returned about nine months later because her new family couldn’t take care of her.

That’s when Megan and Geoff entered the bella sittingpicture.  They were surfing the internet looking for a new family member when they spotted her.  They saw that the Great Dane was skinny and sad.  Megan and Geoff decided immediately that they wanted her and drove all the way to Riverside to bring her home for good.

Once home, they saw how beautiful she was and named her accordingly.  As beautiful as she was, she had some issues.

Aside from being underweight, she was afraid of everything. She didn’t know how to play with other dogs and did not even know what to do with the bone they gave her to chew on.  It was eight months before she made eye contact with her new humans.bella

Once she decided to accept Megan and Geoff, she blossomed and returned their love.  Today, she is a happy, outgoing lady now who LOVES chasing birds on the beach and riding in the car with her head sticking out of the sunroof.

Bella loves coming to the Zoom Room Culver City Agility classes and even loves getting her big Great Dane body through the tunnel… especially if there’s a treat waiting for her on the other side.

Coincidentally, Bella’s birthday is just a couple days away. Congratulations, and happy fourth birthday, big girl!

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