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Culver City

Orphan Found Love, Love Found Orphan

Meet Sadie, a five-year-old German Shepherd Mix. In 2007, Sadie found herself being rescued from a hoarding situation at eight weeks old.  Sadie (then called Jackie) and her family were removed from the bad situation by Pet Orphans in Van Nuys, where a certain person named Jessie was working as a volunteer.

sadie skullWhen Jessie’s family had lost their Yellow Labrador, Gordy, in 2005, Jessie’s dad vowed to never get another dog, because losing Gordy had affected him so profoundly. Jessie loved dogs so much, that she found herself volunteering at Pet Orphans.  She wanted a new family dog, and kept taking pictures of them and taping them to the refrigerator, her dad’s computer, and in all his drawers, hoping he would change his mind.  After repeated rejection, Jessie finally gave up.

That’s when Sadie showed up. Jessie fell in love. She says, “I fell in love with her shyness, her bright amber eyes, her satellite-dish-ears, her wild appearance, and her little doe-like tush.” Jessie knew she had to try one more time.  She took pictures of the sadie birthdaypuppy and plastered the house with them, putting them anywhere and everywhere that her dad might look.

And it worked. Jessie’s dad called her while she was at school and told her to get home. Stat. Before Pet Orphans closed for the day. Jessie put it in high gear and made it before closing time. Jessie watched as Sadie worked her magic.  Jessie’s dad sat on the floor in the meeting room as Sadie was brought in. Even though she already knew Jessie, she made a beeline for the one person she had to win over. Sadie jumped into dad’s lap and sat down, content to snuggle and win him over. Needless to say, she became part of the family that day.

sadie jinkysNow, five years later, Sadie hates pools, but loves swimming in the ocean.  Her favorite stretch of beach is Rosie’s Dog Beach in Long Beach.  She took to it immediately, like a duck to water. Her first time there, she jumped from the car and sprinted straight into the surf.

Sadie also enjoys chasing squirrels and pigeons and “looooooves” her Agility classes at the Zoom Room.  But, according to Jessie, her all time favorite activity is cuddling with her stuffed husky boyfriend Walter.

We have thoroughly enjoyed watching this lady blossom.  Congratulations, Sadie. Enjoy your free Private Gyms.  You have certainly earned them.

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  1. Rhoda

    Hi essie – I have a similar situation. My wonderful dog Turbo passed away at age 16 in 2006 and it was a terrible loss for me. I knew that I wanted another dog but I was still heartbroken over the loss of Turbo. I saw an advertisement for a dog adoption fair at Westchester Park and decided I would just take a look around and of course the expected happened and I fell in love with an incredible German Shepherd mix Chester who was living at Pet Orphans. His aparkly eyes, loving and mischievous personality and especially his curly tail were no match for me and the next weekend we brought him home. I have been taking him to the Zoom Room in Culver City for a while and he also loves the agility classes. I had to discontinue them because of a a back problem I have but I know chester misses them and I plan on re-starting soon. So maybe sometime Sadie and Chester can meet.So give Sadie a big kiss for both of us. Best wishes, Rhoda