First at Zoom Room Cary, First in Our Hearts


Bailey and Tuxy

Many people know that Bailey is a weekly visitor to our humble Zoom Room, but did you know that Bailey was actually our FIRST puppy visitor? In fact, Bailey was so excited to blast through our agility equipment and make her mark in our hearts, that she did her evaluation the day BEFORE we actually opened! Seeing the progress Bailey and her mom make every week is truly a highlight of our Zoom Room experience. Her wiggly butt and eternal smile make Mondays a true joy! Bailey is always happy to visit, but was always most excited to head home to hang with her brother Tuxy. Tuxy was never able to visit Zoom Room before he recently crossed the rainbow bridge, but through Bailey, we know he will always be with us in spirit, and we hope to provide a second home for Bailey to maintain and grow positive memories for the rest of her life. Thank you Bailey!

  • Favorite Toy: Bailey’s favorite toy is her Alpaca toy! Always the fun one, Tuxy loved his rubber chicken 🙂
  • Favorite Treat: Tuxy loved the finer things in life, and could be found scarfing down anything Salmon! Bailey, the gourmand of the family, was much more discerning, preferring a nice meal of hotdogs and cheese.
  • Favorite Place and Thing: Tuxy loved loved the outdoors, where his preferred activity was sunbathing. Bailey emphatically states that her favorite thing is “MOM”.
  • Favorite activity at the Zoom Room: Tuxy unfortunately never made it to the Zoom Room, but was happy to cuddle at home while his sister Bailey tore up her beloved A-Frame for him!

Bailey and Tuxy’s owner, Amanda, had this to say:

Bailey is a spunky black lab mix who’s tongue doesn’t fit in her mouth and brings joy to everyone she meets!! Tuxy crossed the rainbow bridge, but lived 12 amazing years of relaxation, love, and adventure. He was the best boy and such an amazing older brother to Bailey.

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