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Update: As of August 17th, we will be increasing class sizes based on the class level. If you are able to attend class alone, we greatly appreciate it; but please, no more than two handlers per dog. We will be limiting our gym capacity to 15 people (increased from previous 10 person capacity). If we reach capacity, any additional attendees may be asked to wait in the lobby or outside. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

As we resume in-person services, we want to share the guidelines we are following to ensure we can all enjoy training our dogs while feeling safe and protected. These guidelines were created following state and local laws, CDC recommendations, and the input from our clients, staff, and community. We will continue to follow any updates as they occur, and there will be adjustments to these rules as we enter this transition phase and move into the future. Please make sure you read the guidelines below to ensure you are prepared when you return to classes – we will also have these requirements posted in the store. Let us know if you have any questions! During our initial “slow open”, please expect the following:

Overall Facility Guidelines:

  • Above All – Safety First: The facility is sanitized with a hospital-grade germicide throughout the day with special attention paid to “touch points” such as door handles, gym gates, and lockers. We have hand sanitizer available throughout the store for your use, and staff will wash their hands between each session.
  • 15 Person Store Limit: We are practicing guest-spacing by limiting the number of individuals in the training gym to no more than 15 people at all times. We ask that all clients limit the total number of family members who attend the session to no more than two per dog. We may ask additional clients to wait in the lobby or outside if we reach capacity during training.
  • Face Covering Requirements: As an added precaution to protect you and our staff, all Zoom Room clients and staff must wear a face covering that covers their mouth and nose at all times while in our facility. If you are unable to wear a mask due to medical conditions, please speak with a staff member to discuss alternative options to ensure safety for everyone. Please work on desensitizing your dog to people in masks so they are comfortable with this transition – we are happy to help! If you are not feeling well, please stay home.
  • Orientation for New Clients: If you are a new client who has joined the Zoom Room family via virtual lessons – Welcome! We ask that any new clients who have not yet visited the facility schedule an Orientation session. Please reach out to the trainer who conducted your lesson for more information. While Orientation is typically done in person, we are now offering phone sessions to ensure you get the information you need to begin in-person classes.

Class Guidelines:

  • Reduced Class Capacity: For everyone’s safety, our class size has temporarily been reduced based on class type. Our Puppy Preschool is reduced to 6 dogs (previously 10-12), Puppy Training+ is reduced to 6 dogs (previously 8), and all other adult Obedience and Agility will be 5 dogs (previously 6). If classes are full when you sign up, please add yourself to the waitlist! This will allow us to adequately prepare for the demand during the upcoming weeks and add classes as necessary. Private sessions are continuing as normal. We will continue to be flexible with expiration dates if you are unable to get a spot in class, or do not yet feel comfortable returning. Please reach out to our staff and we will be happy to answer any questions.
  • “2-6” Rule: We know you’re all as anxious to get back to classes as we are, and we are trying to make this as safe and seamless as possible. Please be considerate of others and respect the space of our clients and staff. While we have always practiced our “2-6″ rule” and asked that dogs do not meet during class, we want to place further emphasis on the importance of keeping at least six feet of space between each other and keeping our dogs within two feet of your assigned spot in the class. Please understand our trainers will be limiting their interaction with your dog and they will not be doing any activities that require direct contact with each other. We will not be holding playgroups at this time.
  • Puppy Preschool Only: We are excited to be able to offer a safe socialization option to all the new puppy owners out there! We have adjusted our usual Preschool curriculum to ensure minimal contact. We will allow playtime to happen during class; however, we are also limiting this class to four dogs to ensure our trainer can manage it safely. All play will be supervised by the trainer – we ask that you allow them to intervene and only step in and touch your own dog if asked. If you are not comfortable with playtime, we completely understand and you are welcome to step out of the gym for these short 5-minute play sessions.

Retail Guidelines:

  • Cadaver Bar: We are asking that clients do not serve themselves from our cadaver bar as you are used to. If you would like to purchase an item that is displayed in our glass jars, please ask a staff member to grab these items for you.
  • Checking Out: We are currently not accepting cash as payment for purchases. To make things easier for you and our staff, you can log into your account and save your credit card there. That way, we will not need to handle any cards. If you would prefer to not save a card, you will be able to swipe your own card. Please remember to keep space between you and other clients while checking out.
  • Curbside Pickup: We will continue to offer curbside retail pickup during normal business hours. Please call or email ahead to ensure we have your items in stock and staff are able to get your order together before you arrive.

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