An Ambassador for Kindness and His Kind!!!


Meet Scooter Byrum

This submission is by Jan Byrum, whose everyday Hero Dog is Scooter Byrum, a Pit.

My Dog is My Hero Because…

Scooter had a very tough start to life – in his first home, at 8 weeks old and only weighing 10 pounds, another dog attacked Scooter so badly that when he was taken to the emergency room, and when given the cost to save him, the owner said to put him down….But the Vet saw the sparkle and the love in Scooter’s eyes!  Ownership was signed over to the Vet and Scooter was operated on and rehabbed. I was lucky enough to adopt him into our home and he came to live in his forever home when he was 12 weeks old!

Scooter overcame his injuries with only a few physical scars left as reminders. He has blossomed our home. Not only that, at 3 years old, Scooter tested and passed the requirements to be a Therapy Dog with Divine Canines! He visits, nursing homes,Safe Place and Helping Hands Children Shelter’s, Ft Hood Wounded Warriors, Austin State School and Austin State Assisted Living center and St David’s Hospital. He is an inspiration to children and adults – Everyone remembers Scooter for his tricks and his love – I am known only as “Scooter’s Mom” (how awesome). As a Therapy Dog –  he brings comfort and joy to those less fortunate – AND as a Pitbull he is showing what the real nature of what this breed is – kind and loving – He is MY hero!

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