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Sunny is aptly named, as he is a fluffy ball of sunshine! He has been with us since he was in Puppy Preschool back in April, and he has come so far since his first day. It is super obvious how much love and dedication his parents have put into his training. You would be hard pressed to find another family as kind and hard working as his family is. He is such a familiar face around here that other families recognize him and get excited to see him as well.

We enjoy every visit with Sunny and his family – nothing beats his smile (with his cute purple chow tongue hanging out from his mouth!) and his tail nubbin wiggle that he gives as his usual greeting. While he doesn’t like having his head pet, he isn’t one to turn down a chest or belly rub. He is just as soft as he looks in all of his pictures! Sunny always makes everyone smile and we are so glad to have him here with us!

  • Favorite Toy: Squeaky hotdog, Plush toys
  • Favorite Treat: Boiled chicken thigh
  • Favorite Place to Rest: On our feet!
  • Favorite activity at the Zoom Room: “Look at me,” when there’s chicken on the line

Sunny’s owner, Desiree and Marcus, had this to say:

Sunny has grown to become a lovable teddy bear who enjoys hugs and a nice belly rub. He loves sleeping-in and staying up late to play a game of fetch.  When he’s out for his walks, he’s an avid birdwatcher, reptile wrangler, insect investigator, and inspector of all gadgets. 

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