The Sagebiel Sisters


Tilly and Zora

When it comes to this duo we couldn’t just choose one! From watching Zora grow up to seeing how fast Tilly graduates classes, these two always bring us so much joy at Zoom Room!

  • Favorite Toy: Both dogs love the flirt pole, and Zora also loves to play with her frisbee or the loudest, squeakiest toy she can find when we sit down to watch a TV show.
  • Favorite Treat: Freeze-dried beef liver and dehydrated sweet potato.
  • Favorite Place to Visit: Grandma & Grandpa’s house up north in Strawberry, AZ. Tilly loves to play in the snow in the winter, and we are excited for Zora to experience it for the first time this year as well!
  • Favorite activity at the Zoom Room: Tilly loves Agility, specifically the A-Frame and Dog Walk, and Zora’s favorite is Play Group! 

Tilly and Zora’s owner, Kayci, had this to say:

Tilly (who will be 9 in November) is the sweetest and most mild-mannered dog, and she has been since the very beginning. She was the easiest puppy – quick to learn, well-behaved, and content to either go on an adventure or just hang out at home. She’s been a great sport when it comes to wearing coordinating family Halloween costumes! She is so gentle with us and Zora, and loves to sit on the couch in our front room where she can watch the neighborhood goings-on from the window. Zora (10 months) on the other hand, is a whirlwind of feistiness and energy! She loves to play and is very vocal; she especially loves to bark at all the birds she sees in the backyard. She is constantly bugging Tilly to play with her and loves meeting other dogs at Zoom Room’s play groups. Zora has brought some chaos and liveliness into our lives, but she is so fun and is also a huge cuddle bug who loves to get pets and hugs. Tilly and Zora are such different dogs but they both bring us so much joy and laughter every day! 

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