Olive for your Martini?



Olive “Wiggle Butt” Reed is such a fast learner with a great sprit. If she isn’t zooming around, she is diligently working on her studies. Her and her dad come to Zoom Room frequently and always come with new stories to tell – either about what cute thing she has done this week or about how she’s working through her lessons with a new level of distraction. She has done private agility lessons and you can just see the excitement and joy radiating off of her. She always brings a smile to our faces and is always just happy to be included.

  • Favorite Toy: BALLS!!! Every shape and size!
  • Favorite Treat: Jerky Treats
  • Favorite Place to Play: Anything outdoors, but especially water – whether it’s the doggy pool or the garden hose
  • Favorite activity at the Zoom Room: Touch (an Obedience command)

Olive’s owner, Mr. and Mrs. Reed, had this to say:

Olive brings so much energy, laughter and joy to our home. She has 3 older sisters – Shih-tzu and 2 Scottish Terriers – who don’t think that she is always so much “fun”. She has an internal clock that tells her when it’s 5:30 AM every single day, even when mom and dad want to sleep in. Olive will jump up on the bed, stand on mom and give kisses until mom wakes up – and then mom wakes up dad!

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