Heart Eyes for Dottie



Dottie brings a smile to the entire Zoom Room Arrowhead staff and all of her classmates every time she comes in! Dottie has been coming to class since Puppy Plus classes and she has since made it to Advanced Agility & Obedience, as well as she is always having the most fun in Tricks class! You can always find Dottie wiggling her behind and trying to make friends with all the other pups in class!

  • Favorite Toy: She loves to play with her doggie soccer ball.
  • Favorite Treat: Peanut Butter on her lick mat.
  • Favorite Place: She absolutely loves the dog beach in San Diego and loves all dog parks. She runs around with complete joy.
  • Favorite activity at the Zoom Room: Dottie loves the agility equipment especially the A-frame and all the jumps. She also loves visiting with the other dogs and humans.

Dottie’s owner, Nancy Kullos, had this to say:

Dottie is the sweetest, most playful and fun-loving dog. We continue to be amazed at her intelligence and look forward to more adventures with Dottie.

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