Fantastic Freddie



We love seeing Freddie always come in with the best energy and ready to learn and has even made it from private Agility lessons all the way to Agility 2 classes! Freddie and his owners have put in lots of hard work at Zoom Room and overtime we have see him master many things!

  • Favorite Toy: Slider treat puzzle.
  • Favorite Treat: Lamb Lung.
  • Favorite Time of Day: Walk O’clock. Freddie can hear the sound of us putting on socks from across the house. He runs to grab a toy, then sprints to the front door and back.
  • Favorite activity at the Zoom Room: Agility – especially the A frame.

Freddie’s owner, Kristen, had this to say:

Freddie is pure mutt and a little weirdo. He moonwalks backwards across the tile as he takes his treats to the other room. When excited, he makes the funniest noises somewhere between a yodel, a howl, and a bark. Sometimes he responds to the heel command by bouncing to my side like a kangaroo in reverse. 

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