An Eco-Friendly Dog Business

The Zoom Room is committed to being green.



At the Zoom Room, we use as many eco-friendly pet products and materials as possible and adopt ecologically-responsible business practices to reduce our impact on the environment.

Green Building Design… We use bamboo and linoleum floors in our lounge and lobby areas, both made from renewable resources and 100% recyclable. Linoleum is made from pine rosin (harvested without harm to trees) and linseed oil, which is a by-product of the paper industry, while bamboo is a renewable resource. Our rubber gym floor is 100% recycled rubber and made from 269 used car tires. We use low-VOC paint on the walls, fluorescent lighting, and recycled glass tiles in our restroom. Our retail fixtures are made from formaldehyde-free, recycled, low-VOC wheatboard, hand-crafted by our next-door neighbor, Jim. You can’t get much more local than that!

We recycle… not only plastic bottles but pet supplies! We encourage donations of lightly-used or unwanted pet supplies and food. Maybe your dog isn’t digging that chew toy? Give it to one who will! We collect pet supplies in our donation bin and donate to a local rescue organization to help out dogs in shelters.

We reuse… paper, furniture, and even dog collars. While our online scheduling system cuts down on our paper consumption, all the paper we do use in the facility is recycled and contains post-consumer waste. Our kid’s section is stocked with toys and books that have outgrown their usefulness for their original owners, and we use discarded choke chains to hang up our play equipment. Would you like to donate yours?

We support local causes… We donate space in our obedience classes to dogs currently in rescue situations and regularly give donations of training and pet supplies to local schools and educational charities. We work with groups like K9 Connection, which pairs at-risk youth with untrained dogs to give them an insight into the joy that training dogs can bring to both.


At the Zoom Room, we carry natural dog products and green dog supplies that are ecologically responsible. What are green dog supplies? Everything we carry falls into at least one of the following categories:

Recycled Materials… We carry many items that are made from recycled materials – for example, our fleece dog beds made from soda bottles or our tug toys made from recycled fire hoses.

Organic and Natural Ingredients… We support manufacturers of organic dog food andnatural dog treats. Pesticides and chemical preservatives aren’t good for us, our environment, or our dogs.

Humane… Many dog products, particularly treats and chews, are made from protein sources like beef and chicken. We love finding natural dog products that support humane treatment of animals, like our Free Range Bully Sticks from free range cattle, or our elk antlers, which are naturally shed every year without harm to the elk.

Biodegradable… Products that we carry should be easy on the earth after they’ve served their usefulness with us. All of our pickup bags are specially constructed to break down in landfills, unlike traditional plastic bags.

Durable… We choose the most durable green dog toys we can find, even for tough chewers. One toy that lasts means twenty fewer toys in the landfill. No dog toy lasts forever, but we are constantly scouring the nation for the best green dog toys. Ask us for a personalized suggestion for your dog and we’ll be happy to play matchmaker.

The Best… When we find “the best” product, whether it’s a harness or a unique training device, it means that we’ve tested it and we’re convinced it’s the best tool for the job. Finding the best thing on the market means that fewer sub-par products get purchased and then discarded.

Locally Made… Wherever possible, we support American manufacturers. Shipping pet supplies from overseas would increase our carbon footprint and divert money from the U.S. economy. Plus, we love working with smaller manufacturers in the U.S. that we get to know personally, like our friend Maria of Bodhi Toys.