Two Very Special Parties

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An Anniversary & A Trickster

This past week we hosted another two great dog parties at the Zoom Room: a Doggy Disco celebration for Spencer, and an adoption anniversary party for Izzy.

Spencer, a Rottweiler mix, was adopted from The Amanda Foundation when he was one. (He’s now almost eight years old.) Spencer and his owner, Melissa, won second place in our Hollywood Dog Trick Contest back in September – and this Doggy Disco party was his prize. (Spencer’s trick: a perfectly choreographed story called “Stick ‘em up” in which he naughtily rifled through Melissa’s purse, nabbed her wallet, and then when told stick ’em up at toy-gun-point, raised his paws in surrender.)

Spencer’s party included not only gift bags for all the dogs, and adorable little Pupcakes and colorful balloons, but also a cardboard cut-out of the Rottie so that all of his pals could pose for a photo with the famous prize-winning dog!

Izzy, a five-year-old Chihuahua mix, celebrated her Anniversary at the Zoom Room with all of her best (or beast) friends. She was utterly adorable in her little polka-dot ensemble. But a watchful eye needed to be kept on the Italian Greyhounds who were on the prowl for any and all dropped treats. We love throwing anniversary parties. And we’re not talking anniversary of marriage – but rather anniversary of adoption. So many of the dogs who come to the Zoom Room are adopted from shelters or rescue organizations, and the new owners often don’t know their new best friend’s actual birthday. Instead, they get to pick an even more special day than a birthday – the date on which the pup found a wonderful, loving, permanent home. Now that is a day to celebrate each and every year!

If you’d like to celebrate your own dog’s birthday – or the anniversary on which you adopted him or her – we’d be delighted to make all the arrangements and provide you with the perfect setting. Contact the Zoom Room.

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  1. Izzy's mom

    Izzy’s mom thanks the Zoom Room staff for taking such good care of us during her party – completely worry free. Izzy had the best time.