Teach Your Dog Tricks at Home

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Learning Dog Tricks at Home

While everyone, including our Zoom Room trainers, are stuck at home during the social isolation to combat the spread of the novel Coronavirus, we’re hoping to share some of our favorite activities that you can do with your dog while you, too, are stuck at home.

Let’s use this time to give our dogs lots of love and attention. Dog tricks are a great way to give your pup a job to do!

In this first video, we’re sharing two fun dog tricks – Peek-a-Boo and Roll Over.

Teach Your Dog Tricks

Here’s another dog trick you can practice at home. This one is the Figure 8. It’s a two-handed trick that will get you up on your feet (and off the couch) for a nice little stretch while you play and bond with your pup.

Include Your Dog in Game Night

One of the best cures for cabin fever is the classic Game Night. Teach your dog a few tricks and they can join in the fun! In this video we’re featuring the Sock Valet and Tic-Tac-Toe. As with everything we do at the Zoom Room, all tricks are taught using only positive reinforcement dog training. Whatever your favorite game, include your dog and have a blast!

Dog Trick: Balance a Treat On Your Nose

One surefire way to chase away the blues is to teach your dog to patiently balance a treat on top of their nose. In this video, we’ll show you how it’s done. Remember: it’s all about taking small, incremental steps. Never rush your training. Keep practicing!

Dog Trick: Wipe Your Paws

There’s one thing we all have in common right now besides being at home with our dogs: and that is hand-washing. It’s such a regular and important ritual of our days. So in this trick, we invite your dog to get in on the action by teaching your dog to wipe their paws off on the mat or rug when they come in the door.

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