Practice Dog Agility at Home

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How to Practice Dog Agility at Home

Ok, so during the period of social isolation you might not be able to come in to the Zoom Room’s indoor dog training gym to practice dog agility on the obstacle course, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improvise at home!

Be creative! Grab a broom and some stacks of books to make a hurdle. Drape a sheet over some chairs to create a tunnel. Use some exercise equipment to make a teeter. The goal is to have fun, improvise, and use your at home agility course to keep deepening the bonds of communication with your dog while also having a blast.

Anything Can Be an Agility Jump!

Missing all the different jumps and hurdles at the Zoom Room? When you’re stuck at home, anything can be a jump! Practice dog agility during this period of social distancing using… well – anything and everything you have on hand!

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