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Increase your chances of a safe return of your lost dog…

Each year millions of pets find themselves lost and ending up in shelters never to be returned to their owners. One way to help increase the chances of a safe return of your dog is to consider having him microchipped.

What exactly is a microchip? A microchip is a very tiny electronic chip (about the size of a grain of rice) that is injected just under the skin between the shoulder blades with a small hypodermic needle. Generally there is little to no pain involved and most dogs don’t even know anything was done. This procedure can be done at your vet, local animal shelters, rescue groups, or low-cost vaccination clinics.

Each chip has a unique number that is assigned to your dog. After it has been implanted, the owner must register the dog’s contact information with the company associated with the chip. When a special scanner is waved over the area, the number will be displayed enabling the finder to contact the microchip company to identify the owner.

However, not all shelters have scanners and not all dogs will get scanned. Part of being a responsible dog owner is to protect your pet by keeping current ID tags on your dog’s collar at all times. Microchips are not foolproof, but combined with a collar and ID tags increase the chance of your dog being returned to you and not left abandoned in a shelter facing an uncertain future.

Things to remember:

– A microchip alone does not guarantee your dog’s safe return.

– Microchips are not a tracker or GPS. It only works if it is scanned.

– Your contact information must be current at all times with the microchip company.

– A collar and current ID tags are mandatory to responsible dog ownership

Learn more about microchipping and other topics associated with being a responsible dog owner by attending our Responsible Dog Owner Day.

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