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“Energizer” Bunny Beating the Odds

Lulu, a one-and-a-half year old Miniature Dachshund, may just steal your heart.

Lulu’s mom, Akemi, lost her first dog, Velvet, two years prior to finding Lulu. Akemi knew the only way to help overcome the tremendous loss was to find a new pup. She found one particular breeder and upon seeing LuLu’s picture, immediately fell in love. She had called her first dog Velvet, “Velu-lululu.” LuLu naturally seemed to be the perfect name for the neIMG_1796w family member.

As Akemi describes her, “LuLu is like an Energizer bunny on steroids. If given the chance, she would run and play all throughout the night and wouldn’t stop until the sun rises the next day. LuLu is also a very affectionate little doggy. If she likes you, she won’t hesitate to soak your cheeks with wet kisses. There is nothing she enjoys more than a nice long belly rub and her satisfaction is evident by the way she closes her eyes as if she’s in heaven whenever she gets this treatment.

“She loves life and takes great joy in showing off how fast she can run throughout the house. Her little torn up squeaky ball is her best friend and she gets super excited when her mom throws it for her to track down. When she’s not chasing down balls, she’s busy looking for the perfect hiding place for her little cotton toy bone.”

DSC_0350Unfortunately, LuLu hasn’t been able to run too much lately, as the sweet girl has become quite ill. The little love bug, suffering from intestinal issues, went under the knife and came away from the vet minus one tumor. If you would like to help LuLu and Akemi during this difficult time, they would greatly appreciate any donation toward their $3,000 medical bill. Otherwise, send LuLu some well wishes and keep updated on her recovery on her Lulu the Dachshund Diary Facebook page.

We at Zoom Room are keeping her in our thoughts and prayers, and we wish her a speedy recovery. We can’t wait to see this happy girl back in action!  Hurry up and get zooming, LuLu… you have some free Private Gyms waiting for you.

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