Heroic Status Conferred on Young Shih Tzu Named Reggie!

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Meet Reggie

This submission is by Abbey Rice, whose everyday Hero Dog is Reggie, a Shih Tzu.

My Dog is My Hero Because…

My dog is my hero because he fits the classic dictionary description of, “a dog of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities”.  Reggie regularly exhibits courage and ability, whether barking at the well locked front door to discourage potential evil-doers (like the mailman), or boldly crouching behind the toilet bowl of a darkened bathroom during a severe and thunder laden storm (only when his medication and “Storm Sweater” have failed him), he clearly shows an ability to withstand all onslaughts that a neurotic and paranoid dog might have to endure.

My hero Reggie, has bravely chased dogs 5 times his size, all the while not having any idea that they were, in fact, larger than he was.  And, on frequent occasion, he stands in a most noble fashion between me and those approaching with a fierce demeanor and a growl, even though those approaching might be close friends and relatives.  The wise and heroic dog knows that these very people may have a change of heart and turn into shameless aggressors.  A hero dog can never be too careful.

But most importantly, Reggie is my hero because he offers a never ending supply of unconditional love, entertaining antics, amusement during morning-noon-and night, and companionship that is without fail.

To my hero, Reggie!  This doggie treat is for you.

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