Dogs and chewing gum don’t mix!

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Don’t let your dog chew gum!

Chewing Gum Dogs

Photo courtesy of Doctors Foster and Smith

Recently we were informed by one of our clients that her beloved dog Scooby had to make an emergency trip to the vet after eating sugar-free chewing gum! Everybody knows that dogs should stay clear of chocolate and chicken bones, but chewing gum, really? Yes, really.

Xylitol, a popular sweetener, is the culprit. When ingested the sweetener mimics real sugar causing a release of insulin so the body can eat up the sugar. This can result in very low blood sugar, a condition known as hypoglycemia. Symptoms of Xylitol poisoning include: lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of coordination and seizures. In severe cases, dogs can slip into a coma and even die.

Since this artificial sweetener is used in many low-calorie, sugar-free foods, please don’t give your pet any of them and stick to nutritious, dog-friendly foods and treats. Stop by Zoom Room instead and we can help you find the right all-natural treats, bones, antlers, and more for your dog to enjoy.

If you ever come home to find a trail of foil gum wrappers, and you suspect your dog has eaten gum, treat this as a medical emergency and call your vet immediately, informing them that you suspect your dog has ingested Xylitol. He’ll need to be seen immediately. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Scooby’s Mom wasted no time in getting him to the vet and his story has a happy ending.

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