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Dog-Friendly Businesses? We love ’em!

dog-friendly businesses

In today’s San Diego Union-Tribute, there’s a great article about dog-friendly businesses, and a series of new proposals to open up more of the Escondido downtown area to dogs and the owners who love them.

We love this trend. The article’s author and the backers of the proposal understand that inviting four-legged friends into shops and restaurants means an uptick in sales, and, in the bigger picture, a revitalization of a downtown district. This same model can be applied to almost any municipality.

In most cities, dog owners turn to a walk around the block or to a dog park when a bit of exercise is needed. (This of course is assuming that they don’t have a Zoom Room to go to!) But residential areas and dog parks are not exactly bustling with commerce. If a dog owner thinks about showing his pup a great afternoon or evening on the town, this usually means tying up the dog on a parking meter while nervously stepping inside a business to have a quick glance around, all the while keeping an eye on the dog through the shop window.

But progressive-minded business owners who understand the value in create dog-friendly businesses understand full well that if the owner can bring the dog inside, the entire atmosphere shifts. He or she feels welcome, relaxed, and thus more likely to pick up a thing or two.

Dog-friendly businesses aren’t too difficult to cultivate. Bring out a dish of water for the pooch, or keep a jar of snacks snacks handy. Dog owners love this, and will reward the kind (and cost-negligible) gesture with continued patronage.

We both hope for and predict a new wave of openness to our beloved pets in the business community. It’s a winning proposition for all (except, perhaps, the cats…).

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