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Three-Legged Dog Agility

We’re delighted to share with you the story of Serena, an Agility Champion, Therapy Dog and Canine Good Citizen. Before you assume we’re simply bragging about one of our star agility training pupils, we’re not – she doesn’t even attend the Zoom Room, although she does attend virtually every dog agility championship and other canine performance events. Serena lives in Massachusetts where we hope to soon have a Zoom Room, just not yet…

Did you take a good look at the photo of Serena soaring over the agility jumps? Notice anything? Ok, we’ll stop playing Where’s Waldo and point out the fact that Serena is an agility dog with only three legs (not to mention a rare form of cancer which required the amputation).

Her owner, Serena Breton, was recently interviewed by Clean Run Magazine (devoted to the sporting aspects of competitive dog agility). We hope you’ll enjoy Serena’s incredible story.

Read about this incredible Agility Champion.

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