Culver City, California – On June 12, 2023, Franchise Times published a feature article by Laura Michaels that highlighted Zoom Room CFO Anthony Polazzi’s groundbreaking multi-unit agreement to expand the brand’s innovative indoor dog training concept in South Florida. This marks the largest franchise deal in the history of Zoom Room.

Zoom Room, headquartered in Culver City, California, is known for its unique approach to dog training. Founded in 2008, the brand has now 43 locations open across the United States. The company has earned a sterling reputation for prioritizing socialization, positive reinforcement, human education, and interactive learning through its range of specialized dog training classes. Zoom Room emphasizes not only training dogs but also educating their human companions to ensure the development of lasting skills.

Anthony Polazzi, the founder and president of AP Franchised Concepts (APFC), and also the Chief Financial Officer of Zoom Room, has signed a 10-unit agreement to open Zoom Room locations in the thriving markets of Broward and Palm Beach counties in South Florida. His decision was driven by the brand’s soaring popularity, exceptional customer loyalty, and robust unit economics.

Polazzi initially acquired a minority interest in Zoom Room in 2017 through his investment firm, APFC, which he founded in 2016 to invest in emerging brands. Notably, Polazzi’s portfolio encompasses Bean Sprouts, Han Dynasty, Raw Jūce, The Kebab Shop, and Honor Yoga, in addition to Zoom Room. Polazzi, a former managing director at Sun Capital Partners, has shown keen interest in building his own collection of brands as a franchisee. This deal signifies Polazzi’s inaugural venture as a franchisee.

In recent years, Zoom Room has undergone a series of enhancements to improve its model. Among these is a revamped pricing structure, designed to encourage regular attendance, and a streamlined curriculum featuring both introductory and advanced classes. This fine-tuning has enabled Zoom Room to pair economic benefits with its already formidable customer loyalty.

According to Franchise Times, Zoom Room’s average monthly gross revenue was $50,103 in August 2022, with average annual gross revenue of $686,929 and average net profit of $217,047 for locations that opened before January 1, 2020. For locations opened after January 1, 2020, the average gross revenue was $417,598 with an average net profit of $104,692.

Polazzi expressed his excitement for the expansion into Florida, and specifically chose to invest now to secure a sizeable, contiguous territory in a market he believes offers tremendous opportunity for the brand. With the pet industry experiencing significant momentum, Zoom Room’s concept is strategically poised to cater to an audience that is increasingly seeking experiences and investing in their pets’ well-being.

In his comments to Franchise Times, Polazzi stated, “The next five years are just going to be amazing. We’re not trying to steal share from a significant player—we’re the first mover.”



Founded in 2007, Zoom Room® is a venture-backed and revolutionary indoor dog training gym with locations across the U.S. With an emphasis on socialization, positive reinforcement, human education and the value of interactive learning, the company aims to strengthen the bond and communication between dogs and their owners. Zoom Room’s key revenue streams include dog training classes, socialization events and retail products. Zoom Room celebrates responsible pet owners who love to socialize with their dogs and embrace positive dog training methods in a fun, friendly environment for working out with your dog. They are the authors of the best-selling dog training book, Puppy Training in 7 Easy Steps, and Ultimate Puppy Training for Kids. Rooted in the belief that it’s important to give back to the community, Zoom Room works closely with animal rescue and welfare organizations both locally and nationwide. Learn more at