New York Times Article on Dogs
Credit: J. Emilio Flores for The New York Times

In the New York Times‘ article on dogs, writer David Hochman takes his pup Pi on a tour. Pi was a six-month-old puppy at the time. Hochman and his wife identified themselves as “helicopter parents,” and sought out the best.

This article on dogs and more broadly the pet consumer market does a wonderful job of revealing the pet owner psychology that lies behind spending trends. Clearly embracing Pi as a member of the family, they lavish spending on treats and toys.

Beyond that, they visit cognitive researchers. They conduct DNA tests on the dog’s heritage. They want to understand their dog’s personality and even her urinalysis!

But, as Hochman says, it was then time for “tests of endurance and dexterity.” And that’s when they brought Pi to the Zoom Room.

Zoom Room Dog Training in the New York Times

Finding any sort of training facility that specializes in dog agility is extremely challenging. But finding one that provides puppy agility courses specifically means only the Zoom Room.

As the author of this article on dogs, dog training, and dog spending discovers, only the Zoom Room provides adjustable agility equipment. Along with the obstacles scaling down to puppy height, the curriculum focuses more on confidence building and coordination. Because of this, they eliminate big jumps that could harm growing bones.

Agility afficionados also enjoy Agility League at the Zoom Room. League is run like a bowling league. This incredibly popular weekly occurence encourages friendly agility competition among dog owners.

The Zoom Room’s exceptionally well-researched curriculum is not only highly varied. Additionally, it offers beginning, intermediate and advanced classes to encourage client retention and cross-enrollment. Class sizes are small. Therefore clients receive the ideal amount of personal attention.

And dog owners are more than happy to pay a modest premium to bring their dog to safe, fun indoor play area. That’s why communities are so quick to embrace the arrival of a new Zoom Room.

Zoom Room is a national franchise where “urban dogs” run obstacle courses, practice indoor herding and attain Canine Good Citizen status — an actual thing — from the American Kennel Club. We signed up Pi for Agility Training 1, which had her hopping over hurdles, zipping through canvas tunnels and barking her head off at her classmates.

David Hochman, New York Times