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New Trends in Dog Training

Stimulate your dog’s mind

ABC News examines new trends in dog training with a single source: Zoom Room. The article describes this national dog training franchise as “flipping the script” when it comes to classes for dogs.

The author acknowledges that not every city in America has an indoor dog training gym with cutting-edge curriculum. But with more Zoom Room locations opening, this trend will be spreading.

We believe in (fostering an) ongoing relationship with your dog through fun. Brain stimulation is lacking in so many dogs. They get meals, nutrition, go on walks, but they’re not using their brains.

Liz Claflin, Director of Operations, Zoom Room

Zoom Room offers innovative classes to entertain dogs and their owners. At the same time, this training solves real problems dogs (and families) face at home. Games and activities ensure that the learning experience is both successful and incredibly enjoyable.

Dog agility training

Of all dog training trends, agility is #1. You can even find it televised on ESPN. The article acknowledges that traditionally, agility training was thought of as something reserved only for seriously competitive breeds. However, at the Zoom Room, they have popularized the sport.

At the Zoom Room, any breed can participate in agility. Any age, too, from puppy to senior. All of their agility equipment is adjustable to the dog’s capabilities. So you’ll find teacup Chihuahuas, Great Danes, three-legged dogs and puppies all taking part.

It’s not only that the classes are open to all. The entire approach is focused on deepening the bonds of communication between dog and owner. Dogs learn confidence and coordination. They crave having a job to do, and agility is perfect for this.

Zoom Room clients discover a friendly, recreational atmosphere with lots of encouragement and an absence of pressure. While the article is focused on training that goes beyond obedience training, agility – or learning dog tricks – fulfill a similar need. In order to succeed, dogs must learn to modify their behavior according to the humans’ commands.

Almost every client remarks after doing a few agility classes that their dog has never been so well behaved!

Urban Herding

Urban Herding, aka Treibball, is another new dog training trend available at the Zoom Room. Instead of herding sheep, dogs herd exercise balls into goals. It’s all conducted in the indoor, climate-controlled dog gym.

It’s a great indoor activity. There’s no livestock – nothing for an animal to be nervous about. I’ve seen a chihuahua (do really well at this). Any dog can do urban herding.

Liz Claflin, Director of Operations, Zoom Room

Scent Classes and more

The author comments on these offerings all being in a group setting and notes that the Zoom Room is one of the only facilities to “put a big emphasis on early socialization.”

Nosework or scent class is another growing trend in dog training. The Zoom Room teaches the same technique used to train drug- or bomb-sniffing dogs. And all of this is done through fun, interactive games. Of course it’s this gamification of dog training that leads to all the extra mental stimulation that dogs both crave and need.

At the close of the article, Claflin jokes that dogs in America are “overweight and unemployed.” If you don’t have a farm on which to put your dog to work, attending a Zoom Room to enjoy these innovations is the perfect answer.