Los Angeles, CA – iHeartRadio’s renowned podcast, The Art of Improvement, hosted by Karen Clauss, was thrilled to have Mark Van Wye, the CEO of Zoom Room, as the featured guest on its latest episode aired May 8, 2023. The episode provides an in-depth look into the story behind Zoom Room, a trailblazing indoor dog training gym, and the profound insights and philosophy that have propelled its remarkable success.

Zoom Room, with locations spanning across the United States, is not your typical dog training facility. The company’s unique approach revolves around socialization, positive reinforcement, human education, and interactive learning. Its motto, “We don’t train dogs, we train the people who love them,” captures the essence of Zoom Room’s mission – to strengthen the bond and communication between dogs and their owners.

During the enlightening conversation, Mark Van Wye shared how his experience with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America played a pivotal role in shaping Zoom Room’s philosophy. He noticed that improved outcomes among children were driven by parental education and unconditional love. These powerful realizations influenced the creation of Zoom Room, which skillfully weaves these elements into its state-of-the-art dog training program, thereby revolutionizing the booming pet industry.

“What we do encapsulates our motto. We bring dogs together and focus on their interaction in the company of others, giving them incredible opportunities to learn together,” said Van Wye. “From puppy classes to agility courses, scent work, and therapy dog training, it’s a fantastic and fun place for dogs and their owners to grow together.”

In a world where the energy and curiosity of dogs are celebrated, Zoom Room derived its name from the term “zoomies,” which refers to the sudden burst of energy that dogs often exhibit. “It’s that untempered, unbridled energy that we can all relate to when we are just exploding with passion,” Van Wye explained. “It’s about the curiosity about the world and the desire to interact with it.”

Zoom Room offers an array of classes and activities, including puppy classes, agility courses, scent work, and therapy dog training. These classes are designed not only to educate but to foster a community among dog lovers. The emphasis on socialization sets Zoom Room apart, as dogs learn best when they can interact with others in a controlled, positive environment.

In closing, Mark Van Wye’s appearance on The Art of Improvement podcast with Karen Clauss shed light on the innovative approaches and core values that make Zoom Room a standout in the pet industry. For dog owners seeking to build a stronger relationship with their furry friends, and for those looking to become part of a community that values learning, love, and connection, Zoom Room is the place to be.

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Founded in 2007, Zoom Room® is a venture-backed and revolutionary indoor dog training gym with locations across the U.S. With an emphasis on socialization, positive reinforcement, human education and the value of interactive learning, the company aims to strengthen the bond and communication between dogs and their owners. Zoom Room’s key revenue streams include dog training classes, socialization events and retail products. Zoom Room celebrates responsible pet owners who love to socialize with their dogs and embrace positive dog training methods in a fun, friendly environment for working out with your dog. They are the authors of the best-selling dog training book, Puppy Training in 7 Easy Steps, and Ultimate Puppy Training for Kids. Rooted in the belief that it’s important to give back to the community, Zoom Room works closely with animal rescue and welfare organizations both locally and nationwide. Learn more at https://zoomroom.com/.