We can Bearly stand the cute!

Reno Summit


Panda started with us as a hard headed bully shih tzu mix.. (guess what we call her breed) from puppy obedience to agility, she has always done things her own way. but always making progress. Panda has had significant life changes recently and bounced back to being the best dog ever! self regulating in playgroups, more focus in class and making huge strides humans should be envious of!

  • Favorite Toy: stuffed monkey
  • Favorite Treat: cheese for the “cheese tax”! (you have to see the you tube video to appreciate that)
  • Favorite People: The Instructors in Zoom Room
  • Favorite activity at the Zoom Room: Agilityy

Panda’s owner, Jayme, had this to say:

She is a sweetheart and never meets a stranger ❤️

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