did you say fun? this guy in onboard!

Reno Summit


Tugboat and his Mom are regulars in the zoom room! for Laura it’s all about tugboat and how much fun he has. so they’re commitment to training and enrichment is absolutely amazing.. Laura truly shows us how much one dog can be loved! Laura and tugboat take every opportunity for training and enrichment. they take obedience and agility classes.. tugboat’s biggest feather in his cap in scent work! wow!!! what a nose! look out police department.. tugboat can definitely give your dogs a run for their money and just for the fun of it!

  • Favorite Toy: frisbee discs and snow ball
  • Favorite Treat: (shhhh) String Cheese!
  • Favorite Spot: Your lap!
  • Favorite activity at the Zoom Room: agility and following the trainer to check out the course

Tugboat’s owner, Laura, had this to say:

Tugboat loves the Zoom Room, helping unload groceries from the car, and putting bottles and cans in the recycling bin (because all of those mean TREATS and GOOD BOY)!

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