The small dog with the biggest personality!

Redondo Beach


Rooney has been zooming with us since 2017, in which he has taken Obedience 1, Tricks, Agility 1-4, & recently participated in his first season of Agility League. He loves to stay home with mom, but also loves to be active.

  • Favorite Treat: Duck jerky
  • Favorite Place: Anywhere with his mom (including work) & Zoom Room of course!
  • Favorite activity at the Zoom Room: Obedience 1, Tricks & Agility 1-4

Rooney’s owner, Melody, had this to say:

Rooney loves to travel with me, of which he has been to places like San Francisco, Lake Arrowhead, Las Vegas & New York. He loves Harry Potter, and happened to be sorted into the same house as me… Ravenclaw! We often catch him watching TV by himself. His favorite movie is Mean Girls & his favorite TV show is Ghost Adventures.

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