A big goof ball with a BIG adventure ahead!

Redondo Beach



Banner was born on May 8th 2015.  He was rescued from a rescue in West Hollywood by Dad, Frankie as a surprise for mom Nicole!  The couple had met Banner at the rescue but did not take him home right away.  Nicole went on a trip to the East Coast.  While gone Frankie told Nicole that Banner got adopted by someone else. But when Frankie went to the airport to pick up Nicole, she found  a little Banner puppy in the front seat!


Banner has been attending classes at the Zoom Room for about 9 months. He has completed Obedience 1-3 and Agility 1-4. While in classes,  Banner made quick friends with everyone and even found a doppleganger!  Banner’s biggest accomplishment was the completion of his Canine Good Citizen Certification! He also is a 2nd runner up in our Minute to Win it game night and one of our Zoom Dogs of the Year!


We just found out that Banner and his mom are moving to Texas next month to start their family there with dad Frankie.  We are all so sad to see them leave but are so excited for the big adventures in their future.


Banner is always happy to eat any treat… but his favorite is a frozen peanut butter filled kong!!  Yummy!

For Nicole, she describes EVERYDAY with Banner to be an ADVENTURE!


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