Low Cost Microchipping? Absolutely

Culver City

We Make it Easier to Find Your Dog

Zoom Room Culver City is thrilled to announce that we now offer low cost microchipping.  Having your dog microchipped is vitally important.  If your best friend ever becomes separated from you, whether he sneaks out or gets scared during a natural disaster, the microchip is the one absolute way to get your dog back.

We have partnered with Found Animals in an effort to easily reunite you with your dog.  When you bring your pup in, we will scan him to make sure there isn’t already a microchip.  If there is a microchip already in place, but the information is wrong, we will help you update it.  If your dog is NOT microchipped yet, we will input all of your information into a database and then microchip your friend.  If you ever need the microchip number or any information, we will have it on file for you.

We now offer microchipping every Saturday afternoon for the low cost of $10.  We will need your dog’s vaccination records before we can complete the procedure, so if we don’t already have them, you can upload them onto your profile yourself or bring them with you.

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