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Indiana and Stella

Indiana (or Indy to his friends) is the son of the late Henry Jones, one of Jil’s many sheepdogs! Of course, if his dad’s name was Henry Jones, then he is obviously Indiana Jones! Apparently no one wanted him because of his lip, but Jil did and we think it makes him even more adorable. Indiana started in Obedience with us in March of 2023. He has graduated from obedience and now participates in both Advanced Obedience and Agility. He is working towards his C.G.C before pigs start to fly. 🙂

Stella is a rescue from Indiana (the state, not her brother–but isn’t that fitting?). She came home @ 8 weeks old to keep Indy company. She started Puppy Preschool in December of 2022, earned the A.K.C Star Puppy in June 2023, and now participates in Obedience and Agility.

  • Favorite Toy: Indiana: Ooky Ooky Orange, Stella: anything crinkly
  • Favorite Treat: Homemade cookies from Jil’s friend Kevin!
  • Favorite Thing to do outside of Zoom Room: Indiana loves walkies! Stella loves playing with Indy
  • Favorite activity at the Zoom Room: Indiana: drinking water and Agility, Stella: getting pets and “talking” about everything

Indiana and Stella’s owner, Jil, had this to say:

There’s never a dull moment with 2 Old English Sheepdogs in the house! But Jil wouldn’t have it any other way. Stella keeps everyone on their toes as a whirly Tasmanian devil who loves her brother. And Indy just keeps everyone laughing and entertained with his own antics.

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