Matilda the Adventurer!



Matilda joined Zoom Room in February when she was only 4 months old. While usually the quietest dog in the gym, every once in awhile she lets everyone know that she does have a voice! She learned her basic skills very quickly and graduated to Advance Obedience by the age of 7 months, where she has been a star!

  • Favorite Toy: Any ball!
  • Favorite Treat: Bully Stick
  • Favorite Thing to do: Run and chase her friends
  • Favorite activity at the Zoom Room: Climbing the A-frame and Go to Mat

Matilda’s owner, Summer and Amanda, had this to say:

Matilda is a 9 month old mini Aussie-Doodle who loves to run! She’s also quite adventurous (just check out her IG), and she understands Spanish. When she isn’t swimming or riding on a paddle board, she loves to play catch and sneak nibbles of her sister-cat’s food. She can be pretty shy around new people, but we are working on that and if asked nicely she’ll give you a high-five or a wave! Her forever family found her through a group affiliated with the Toledo Humane Society, but not much is know about her life prior to adoption, but has certainly captured the hearts of her family and everyone else who has the fortune of meeting her.

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