Mac Attack!


McIntosh Bennett

  • Favorite Toy: Crunch Core, Benebones, and the Chuck-It
  • Favorite Treat: any kind of jerky
  • Favorite activity at the Zoom Room: Play Group and showing off his Paws-Up talent

McIntosh Bennett’s owner, Ani & Merissa, had this to say:

He is from a litter of 7 Labradoodles born in Port Hope MI (near Lake Huron) in July 2022, and just happened to be next door to Ani’s Aunt & Uncle who Merissa and Ani were visiting just 10 days after he was born. It was love at first sight, of course! When it came to choosing a name for the new pup, his parents, named Mr. Darcy & Lizzie (Pride & Prejudice), inspired his middle name of Bennett to carry on the legacy, and his puppy name Apple, made McIntosh a logical choice. He loves going for car rides and playing fetch in the backyard. Just watch out for that tail of his, it’s shaped like Maui’s hook in Moana, and is just as powerful!

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